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For 31 years now I have been a licensed mental health provider and I specialize in being a  licensed marital and family therapist. However, my expertise goes beyond just being a licensed marital and family therapist for I have has doctoral training in the area of clinical psychology, although I am not a licensed psychologist.

About me

Aside from my training and experience as a psychotherapist and consultant, I keep myself informed to the current social, cultural and political zeitgeists as these have a real impact on our day to day living. In addition to this it is important to me that I stay up to date with the latest approaches in mental health and social living to provide service with exceptional knowledge of modern day insight.


Back in the day I would hear people say,”I don’t read the papers, watch television or listen to the radio.” Fast forward to present day, and now we are living in a period of time where technology and media have become a part of societies daily life. Today, technology has permeated our existence, if not invaded our daily lives. Technology is driven by things that we are not always aware of such as commercialism, popular trends, social and political agendas. In turn, we sometimes feel bombarded by too much information and disturbing information that negatively contributes to our day to day problematic lives.  

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Having good mental health is critical to living a positive and productive life.

Unfortunately, society often associates mental health with mental illness. But, in the past few years counseling and psychotherapy have become more acceptable and mainstream. Technology has made it possible for the rapid dissemination of information(and misinformation) and face to face therapy is no longer the only option for receiving mental health services.  

Good mental health begins with restful sleep, good eating habits, exercise and social support. Any deficits in the above that are remedied will improve life functioning and problems that affect these areas are always important to address.  I will address more of my views and others’ through future website articles.